About ABC - ABC Parenting
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About ABC

The ABC Intervention

ABC Parenting Institute trains and supervises parent coaches in local communities in implementing the ABC intervention with fidelity, equity, and through partnership with children and families most negatively affected by systemic oppression. ABC is strengths-based, focused, and brief (10, 1-hour, weekly sessions). Interested organizations (e.g., child welfare, early intervention, infant mental health) contract with the team for an in-depth orientation to ABC, 6 months of twice-weekly supervision, and consultation regarding evaluation and implementation.


Due to a researched process of intensive supervision and measurable, identified ingredients of change, ABC is as effective with community parent coaches as it is in randomized trials. The active ingredient for parent behavior change is “In the Moment” comments, which highlight moments during session that parents are engaging in behaviors known to enhance child attachment and regulation. Data also support the effectiveness of ABC through telehealth. Communities deserve a science-driven, parent-focused, and cost-effective strategy for promoting resilience and long-term positive outcomes for children.


ABC is unique in the home-visiting field in that it is brief (10 weekly sessions), thus requiring a low cost per family, has a proven history of evidence, and is flexible in the home visiting space. There are no requirements for parent coach background or education, allowing communities to create the implementation model that will be most effective and sustainable. It is truly strengths-based, striving to help parents see all the things they are doing well, as opposed to pointing out what they need to do differently.


Helps parents re-interpret children’s behavioral signals and respond sensitively.

Enhances children’s behavioral and regulatory capabilities.

Fosters the development of secure attachments between children and their parents.

Our Mission


To nurture parent-child relationships through science-based practice and community partnership.

Our Vision


We envision a society and culture in which every parent and child is provided the means, encouragement, and support for their relationship to thrive. By partnering with parents and communities through evidence-based practice, we seek to recognize and build upon parents’ strengths during an infant and toddler’s critical years for development. Every parent deserves a champion for their sensitive parenting, and every child deserves the foundation of a nurturing relationship.

Our Values


-A culturally-informed and culturally-humble approach to our clinical work, relationships, and work environment.


-The promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks within supervision, professional relationships, and within the workplace. We value differences in perspective. This can include thoughtful conversations around current and historical disparities that occur due to one’s race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religion, socio economics, and/or language proficiency.


-Decisions guided by science and evidence, and a commitment to continuously improving practices based on evaluation.


-A dedication to implementation equity, science, and fidelity.


-Taking a strengths-based approach to creating empathetic and supportive supervision relationships and relationships with families.


-Partnership with families and communities that centers and elevates parent-voice in implementation practices.


-Using measurement to be efficient, effective, and accurate in implementation and supervision.

“I initially felt overwhelmed when my baby came home from the hospital…ABC has given me a huge amount of confidence and guidance, my coach has been warm and supportive, I really appreciate the way she has worked with me and my son. “